How to reduce breast size

How to reduce breast size? – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

Breast size is something which is genetic driven. It has nothing to do with your lifestyle other than few factors which are I name it little later. But it is generally determined by the genetic of the family, the women of the family how large they are. Now in some cases in which you have hormonal problems like you have some kind of thyroid disorders be there with generalised weight gain. PCOD again the generalised weight gain and the tissues in the fat they are adipose tissue they attract fat much more than anything else. So the only way you can reduce your breast size if you’re actually going to the element if to reduce all over body fat once all over body fat Comes down the breast size automatically comes down. Other than that there is no medicine which says that if you take this then your breast size can come down, it’s not scientific.


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