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Put a Bar of Soap Under a Bed Sheet to Reduce Leg Pain

This Bizarre Soap Trick Can Alleviate Leg Pain

Did you know that putting a bar of soap under a bed sheet can actually treat two different medical conditions? I was as surprised as you are to hear that this is possible to Reduce Leg Pain.

Restless legs syndrome, which is a disorder of the part of the nervous system that creates an urge to move the legs, is one of the medical conditions to Reduce Leg Pain can be treated by placing a bar of soap under a bed sheet.

It is classified as a sleep disorder due to its interference with normal sleep. There is no known root cause, however, kidney failure, diabetes, pregnancy, and alcohol consumption are thought to trigger it.

Some 42% of people who suffer from this condition or nightly leg cramps reported that putting soap under their sheet before going to bed at night can actually make their ailment better. The reason for this is believed to be the magnesium content in soap.

For the best effect, using lavender soap is recommended. This is because lavender has a soothing effect and can help the body to relax. If lavender isn’t available, it’s essential to ensure that the soap is a natural one that contains an essential oil-based scent. What a neat trick!

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