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A Non-Toxic and Inexpensive Deck Cleaner

This 2-Ingredient Cleaner Will Leave Your Deck Spotless

If you’re having people over for a summer get together you will obviously want your deck looking nice and clean. Power washing can work wonders on dirty decks, but sometimes your wooden surfaces might just need a little more TLC. This is where this wonderful 2 ingredient deck cleaner comes into play.

Deck Cleaner

Not only are the two ingredients cheap to buy, but they’re also non-toxic, meaning that it will not kill any plants that are growing on your deck. Furthermore, you already have one of these ingredients at home, while the other one can be picked up for next to nothing at most stores.

Here are the ingredients that you will need to Deck Cleaner:

• ½ cup of Oxi-Clean
• 2 gallons of warm water (depends on deck size)

N.B. Oxi-Clean is an oxygen bleach which uses oxygen ions to break apart grime, meaning that no harmful chemicals are involved at all.


1. Soak your entire deck with warm water, wetting 20 square feet at a time so that the deck doesn’t dry up completely before the next step.

2. Apply the Oxi-Clean to the wood and scrub well with a deck brush.

3. Let the solution sit there for a few minutes after scrubbing, and then wash it all away with some more warm water. It really is that easy.

When it has completely dried, you should find yourself with an extremely clean deck.

Source: tiphero


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