Motu Tiano in French Polynesia is a private island

Surrounded by blue lagoons and warm breezes all year round, Motu Tiano in French Polynesia is a private island of 81,000 m² that will be auctioned next month by 5 million pounds or in euros 5,672,750 euros.

The island offers the possibility to live like a real Robinson Crusoe, although with a few more amenities. The property includes a house, a dock and enough beds to accommodate up to 15 people.

The tropical island is protected by Raiatea, the second largest in the archipelago of the Society Islands, widely recognised as the birthplace of the Polynesian culture

The seller, Jim Simpson, said: ” My wife and I have travelled extensively, but no part of the world offers the tranquillity and natural beauty of Motu Tiano ”

And in this paradise, swimming with the dolphins could become one of the daily hobbies

Although not all the locals are that friendly …

” The local people are very welcoming and helpful, and French Polynesian culture still has many ancient traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Life in Motu Tiano is peaceful and relaxing, so we’re going to miss it a lot, but as we get closer to retirement age, we’ve decided that it would be best to pass this beautiful home to another owner, “explains Jim.
The new owners of Motu Tiano can enjoy calm waters, with access to the open sea and lagoon perfect for sports fishing, surfing and diving.

The island includes the main house in Polynesian style, a pier wharf where you can moor a yacht, all amenities and enough beds for 15 people. The main house has 3 double bedrooms separated from the staff. There lives a man who helps to take care of the property and keeps away non grata visitors

The Polynesian-style living room is a perfect place to unwind after a long day of swimming in tropical waters

This is one of the large bedrooms that includes the property, with several beds and sofas to ensure absolute comfort

The kitchen, with all the modernities included, is not lacking in detail

The dining area is strategically located to enjoy an enviable view while enjoying a fish delicacy in the vicinity

The bathroom, as you can see in the photos, is far from basic and includes all the amenities

This wonderful island is about to go on auction at Concierge Auctions, a well-known home that helps celebrities and discreet buyers get a small private empire

” This is a very exciting sale that offers buyers the rare opportunity to buy a home on an island that offers privacy and security,” said Cindy Jones, a spokeswoman for Concierge Auctions. ” The unique nature of the property makes it a lucrative opportunity to rent on vacation, offering buyers an additional source of income ”

Do any of you have 5 million pounds burning you in the bank? If I had them, I did not think so.