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How to make your toilet smell always good.

The toilet is the part of the house that most tends to get dirty. Being a wet zone, the appearance of odours or molds is relatively simple. Also, it is the favourite place for germs, which is understandable since this is where we “get rid of” them.

No one likes the task of cleaning the toilet. The accumulation of dirt and the odours that it gives off, even cleaning it regularly, are considerable.

To make things easier for you in this sense, today we bring you a very useful trick. It is about making our own homemade cleanser in capsules.

It is very simple to create and we also have the advantage that its ingredients are less polluting than the usual cleaners.

Deodorant toilet pads

For starters, we will need the following ingredients:
+ 160 g of sodium bicarbonate,
+ 60 ml of lemon juice,
+ 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar,
+ 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide 3% (for sale in pharmacies),
+ 15 -20 drops of aromatic oil or essences.

Once you get all the ingredients, just mix them following these steps:
Put the Bicarbonate in a bowl and mix it with the lemon juice.

In another bowl mix the peroxide with the vinegar. Once this is done, mix the bicarbonate and peroxide mixture slowly. Also, add the aromatic oil.

With a small teaspoon, see half balls and press them well. Place on top of oven paper. If the mixture has become too little compact you can add water or vinegar.
These tablets need about 4 hours to be completely dry and hard. Stored in a glass jar when they are completely dry and leave them near the toilet

Lists to be used, now the bathroom will be a slightly cooler place.
Once done, leave them in sight so that, anyone who uses the toilet, throw them in after pulling the chain. They will gradually dissolve, disinfecting the area and leaving a pleasant smell throughout the bathroom.

Making your own tablets for the toilet can take a little time, but the ingredients are very cheap and easy to find. In addition, you can create pills of different shapes using molds for chocolates or cookies. Of course, once used for this purpose, we recommend that you only use them to make WC tablets


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