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What happens if you put expired sun cream?

When the weather arrives we want to enjoy days of relaxation and fun at the beach or in the mountains, disconnect a little and recharge energy. One of the things that are wanted when the season of the sun begins is to achieve a nice tan, uniform and durable. Luckily, in recent years there is more awareness about the negative effects of sunbathing incorrectly, as excess UVA rays are actually harmful to our health.

For this reason, more and more people use high-quality and high-protection sunscreens, such as 50 or +50. Also, it is very common to use the same bottle of cream from one year to another if we have left. But what if your expiration date has passed? Many people are still using these products thinking that the expiration indications of the product are a recommendation. If you wonder what happens if you put expired sun cream? , Continue reading and discover the answer in this article.

How to know if a sunscreen is expired

To know the expiration of the sun creams must be fixed in the container, usually in the base, the back or lateral indicate a date. This is the one that warns us of what day this product will no longer have a protective effect, depending on when and how it was manufactured and, for that reason, until what day the manufacturer guarantees the good condition of the cream.

However, other factors, such as the PAO ( Period After Opening ), must be taken into account. It is the amount of time, usually 12 months, that the manufacturer can ensure the good condition and operation of the product once opened. It is indicated on the container with a symbol of a jar with the lid open and the number of months drawn on it.

Another way to know if it is in poor condition is because of its color and smell. As soon as the components are no longer in good condition the color of the cream becomes darker, becoming more yellowish, and the smell changes completely by an unpleasant one.

So, if you plan to use a pot of sunscreen, foam, mist or sunscreen spray that you had open since last year, make sure that neither the expiration date nor the ODP, as well as its appearance, have passed. odor.
You may plan to use it just as many people do, but what if a sunscreen is out of date and you throw it at it?

expired sun cream

What happens if you use expired sun cream – health effects

” Is it bad to put sunscreen out of date? “, “Can sunscreen products be expired?”, “What happens if I wear sunscreen?”, All these doubts are those that come to everyone’s mind every spring and summer, When we go to the beach or the mountain, or even in winter if we go skiing.

You probably have noticed that doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers and brands and, in general, specialists related to this product, spend every year money and time in advertising the new sunscreens, the latest generation, As well as remembering the importance of buying a new cream. Do you want to sell more?

The truth is that this is not ruled out, however, health experts warn that there is more reason to renew the sun block every year. According to these health specialists, sunscreens expire and lose their effectiveness. Thus, if you put expired sun cream there are harmful effects for your health.

Does not protect from the sun

It is the most immediate consequence of using sunscreen. Since their components have been finished the useful life, that is to say, their time of effectiveness, then they do not have some of their effects. One of the main problems to continue to use these products when they expire is that they lose the protective effect and therefore have no insulated the skin from the direct and deep impact of the sun on the different layers of the dermis.
Burns and aging of the skin

For this same reason, even if the blocker is used for UVA rays, if it is overdue, we will suffer burns from the sun on the skin and may be of different degrees. If this happens, we should withdraw from the direct sun and go to a doctor if it is serious, if there are blisters, or if a few days pass, our skin becomes very dry. It will be important to moisturize the skin very well after having burned.

Also, as will be the same as not wearing any cream, the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin will be direct. Therefore, it will affect both the epidermis, the outermost layer, and the following layers of the dermis, affecting the cells and contributing to their aging. Therefore, if you exceed sunbathing using an expired protector and you burn or you get an intense tan, you will be facilitating the aging of your skin.

Allergic reactions and skin cancer

Another problem that arises if you put expired sun cream is the appearance of problems and diseases in the skin. The first problems that usually occur after a short time of applying it are hives and allergic reactions. It is possible that only after a few seconds or a few minutes and such a reaction appears. In such a case, the product must be withdrawn with plenty of cold water and go to a medical center, especially if the effect has been severe or extended by the body.

In addition, another disease that can appear, in this case usually in the long term and after incorrectly using this type of products every year, is skin cancer. When epithelial cells have been exposed to too many UVA rays and have suffered burns, as they have “memory” and the damage is reflected in them, they are more likely to produce this disease over time. Hence, the great importance of protecting yourself from the sun always.

How to recycle expired sun cream

Now that you know the answer to your question about “what if I use sunscreen lapsed?”, You’re probably wondering what to do with this product. Did you know that you can give more uses? Here’s how you can take advantage of the expired sunscreen and also where you can throw it away.

If you want to give them a second life, as long as their color and smell have not changed yet, you will be interested to know that the moisturizing effect of the product is still in good condition. So, you can use it as a normal moisturizing body cream and even make your own homemade creams and exfoliants, with natural oils and other products like sugar or salt.

Also, you can use it to moisturize leather products that you have at home like the sofa, shoes, and so on.
Where the expired sun creams are thrown

Cosmetic products, drug paraphernalia and expired or expired medicinal products should be discarded at the point of collection from the pharmacies, at a clean or green point, where the products are reused or in the gray container of mixed waste. In the latter case, no part of the product will be recycled or reused and it will be contributing to the pollution of the planet. For this reason, in a COMO we recommend throwing the expired sun creams in one of the first two mentioned places.


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