Handcrafted recycled wall decorations

Looking for some craft options that use recycling to decorate and wall decorations of your home? Then you have come to the right place

Today’s story is made especially for those who like to venture into the world of decoration and the coolest, are ideas made reusing materials. In addition to the ideas of recycled crafts to wall decorations, you will also find a complete, super cool step by step.

Decorating the house can often be very expensive, but you can create several objects at home that will help you improve the look of your house and leave it with your face. And if you want to cut costs even more, just add the recycle in the mix. Today’s ideas are various crafts, with different materials and some besides helping you give a little more personality to your home, can also be very useful.

Handcrafted recycled wall decorations  

Wall decorations are a great idea for anyone who wants a craft option that decorates and at the same time helps to make your home more organised and tidy, an example said are the wall niches, which you can do with old drawers or crates wooden.

In addition, they can be much easier to clean, which decreases your maintenance work.

Decorate room with step-by-step recycling

And as a step by step, we will show you how to make a beautiful frame for mirrors with disposable spoons. It looks beautiful and is actually very easy to do, and you can use an old mirror you have at home. So now, let’s get going!

To make this craft you will need:

  • A piece of cardboard (in the size and shape of the mirror you will use);
  • Mirror;
  • Plastic spoons (the amount will vary according to the size of the mirror);
  • Hot glue;
  • Newspaper (to cover);

Spray paint (if you prefer you can use coloured spoons and leave unpainted).

Photo: Chest of Ideas

Start your craft by glueing the spoons onto the cardboard base, using the hot glue. Note that in this idea the spoons were glued with the side down, but if you prefer you can do the opposite.

Photo: Chest of Ideas

After glueing it is only to paint with the spray paint, but it is important to do this in a place that has no problem spotting, or if it does not line with some newspaper sheets because the spray paint usually does quite a mess.

Photo: Chest of Ideas

When everything is painted and dry, just glue the mirror in the centre with the hot glue and it’s ready!

Photo: Chest of Ideas

Recycling Ideas for Decoration

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