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How to clean your toilet right away

When we do a deep cleaning of the house, that we do at least once a week, we always dislike when we clean the bathroom, especially the toilet, as it is a fairly dirty part of the house, because we know What we all have to do in that place.

One of the reasons we do not like to clean the Closet is that it contains a lot of bacteria that can cause us several diseases, so it’s not just a problem of disgust, but we also prevent getting sick if we get too close to the.

The problem is that in one way or another we will have to sit in the Closet and for that should be as clean and free of tartar as possible, so here we will give you the best method to leave your Closet flawless, just take out paper and pencil To copy this incredible trick.

By cleaning deeply you will not only be killing the disease-causing bacteria, but you will also leave the toilet with a more beautiful appearance and release it from bad odours.

If you learn this you can clean your toilet right away

If it is because you have already tried all the cleaning products that exist and you have not been successful, you do not have to worry, this will be very effective besides economic and very fast.

The methods to clean your toilet as follows:

  • With white vinegar and lemon: if you use these ingredients you can clean in a very ecological way, you just fill the toilet with a good amount of it and let it effect to rub it.
  • With a pumice stone: this product can be very useful in removing the tartar stains that once inside your toilet, you just have to soak the stone and scrub the toilet with it.
  • With a coke soda: this you have to put together with baking soda and a cup of vinegar, you add it inside the toilet for half an hour and you move it with a long brush.

You have already seen that these cleaning methods are the most natural and homemade you can find.

Do you know How to make your toilet smell always good?


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