6 Creative Nail Art Designs Using a Straw

This nail tutorial shows 6 creative nail art designs using a straw as the main nail art tool! Nail art tutorial is for nail art beginners with long or short nails. I show all the cute nail art designs step by step without pro nail art tools. Anyone can DIY these nails at home since all nail art designs are easy, simple and quick to make – all you need is a nail polish and a straw!

In this nail art tutorial, I show six cute nail art designs created using a straw! After watching the nails tutorial I am sure you will be convinced that a straw can be a very handy tool in nail art.

The first straw design I created is a beautiful palm tree in a sunset nail art design. Start by making lovely gradient nails using a cosmetic sponge. Then just make prints using a straw for the palm leaves and the trunk. Easy and cute!

Another super easy and cute DIY nail art design made with a straw is a smiley nail art. With just three prints you can make a perfect little smiley on your nails. I decided to make two smileys on the nail, but you can make more if you have more space. I don’t since I have fairly short nails.

The third is a circle nail art design. I chose a bright green nail polish for the background colour. Then just make circle prints using a straw to make perfect circle shapes all over the nail. This nail art design is so easy and fast to make, but it looks adorable in the end.

Next straw nail art idea I show in this nail tutorial is a bright geometric design perfect for school. By making two bright wide stripes and black X shapes you get a lovely back to school manicure.

My favourite nail art idea from this tutorial is a pom nail art. On the white background draw cute small pom poms using different bright colours of nail polish. In the end, draw some little wool particles around each pom pom to make them look like they are dancing in the sky. This nail art design looks so bright, happy and unique. I love it!

The last design in this straw nail art tutorial is a simple, but creative splatter design. Dip the straw into the polish and blow through the straw towards the nail to get interesting colour splashes. Change the colour of nail polish for a multicoloured splash nail art design. Making splatter nails is always so much fun, and you always get a unique and interesting result.

Straw nail art is so much fun, cute, simple and easy, so I really hope you will try some of these nail designs out.


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