5 New beauty tricks with Vaseline

The Vaseline is a product that can be in every home and is usually associated as a great ally to combat dry skin, but there are other benefits that it can offer.The fact is that this product without colour, nor odour is also known as petroleum jelly, contains a multitude of uses that you can especially enjoy in your daily care.

we have made a selection of 5 amazing beauty tricks that you can make with Vaseline, so be prepared to take it to your bag of all places:

5 New beauty tricks with Vaseline

1 Fix your perfume


One tip for your fragrance to last for more hours is to apply a little Vaseline to the skin and then apply the perfume. You can use it with the tranquillity that this will not change the smell of your perfume, for being a totally neutral product.

2 Relieve irritations


We, women, are victims of skin irritations, especially after epilation; That is why after shaving, I recommend applying a little Vaseline on the worked areas. This will give you a sense of calm while avoiding irritations and scars that always appear by small cuts.

3 Fill wrinkles


Using petroleum jelly on areas of the face that are prone, or that already have some lines of expression is very beneficial, because not only act as a “fill” for wrinkles, but also stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

4 Smooth cuticles


When it comes to nail making, most of the time we think we should work with a little more hardness in the cuticles. To make this work easier, apply a touch of petroleum jelly on them, you will see how the cuticles soften, it will be much easier.

5 Taking care of your lips


Vaseline is the ideal product to take care of your lips, especially in the winter season where they suffer both with the low temperature. You can carry it in the pouch and apply a little on them, it will work as a lip balm, avoiding the dryness and chapping that may appear due to dry or cold weather.

The best of these beauty tricks with petroleum jelly is that it is a very economical product, easy to get and has several presentations, for example, you can buy the size that best suits your pace, and take it in your bag, in the bag. Car or even at the work office.



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