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12 For a Colorful Summer Garden

If you happen to enjoy a spot of gardening but want colorful flowers that bloom all summer long, I’ve got the solution for you. These 12 perennial flowers will ensure that your garden looks beautiful throughout the warmest months of the year with just a little weed control, deadheading and watering:

1. Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox

Garden phlox really come into their own in the month of July, however they bloom for an entire summer and on occasion can continue displaying into the fall. Be sure to buy one of the newer types of garden phlox, such as “David”, to ensure that the foliage remains healthy-looking for the duration of the summer.

2. Stella de Oro

Stella de Oro

Stella de Oro is a type of daylily ideal for adding a pop of color to your garden. It is a compact plant and requires little care. Stelle de Oro also flowers early in the summer, and will complement the other entries in this list perfectly.

3. Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy

The name “daisy” apparently used to be spelled “days eye” in the past, which is a metaphor for the sun. In addition to being pretty, Shasta daisies also happen to be very hardy plants, displaying endurance that belies their delicate appearance

4. Yarrow


This is one of two “herb” flowering plants that appear in this list. In the past, yarrow was used medicinally to stop the flow of blood, however it is more prized nowadays for its beauty, hardiness and low maintenance requirement.

5. Lavender


Lavender is used to give a nice fragrance to many things, from linen to potpourri. They provide a nice touch in the home and can also add touch of class to a home’s exterior landscape.

6. Ice Plant

Ice Plant

Flowering on the ground, the pretty little ice plant blooms bright purple flowers. It doesn’t like temperatures that are too cold, so make sure that it can survive the winter in your area. As an added bonus, ice plants also have rather unusual leaves.

7. Coneflower


If you happen to live in a really hot climate, you should definitely consider coneflower for your garden. It’s a drought-tolerant flower, and will do just fine in a hot, sunny location with minimal irrigation. What’s more is that it doesn’t even need very good soil to flourish.

8. Moonbeam Coreopsis

Moonbeam Coreopsis

Just some of the characteristics of this flower include a “threadleaf” foliage, drought tolerance and bushy growth, but this long-blooming perennial’s best offering is its brightly-colored flowers that won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

9. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush has received a bad rap for being an invasive plant, however a new, non-invasive strain, which is known as “Blue Chip” butterfly bush, has been developed for you to try. Its tall and pretty purple flowers would make a wonderful addition to your garden.

10. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan

Just as daisies are, black-eyed Susan is a much-underrated flower that’s often overlooked due to being so common. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal long-blooming perennial because it’s in bloom all summer, has a warm, cheerful color and minimal requirement for maintenance.

11. Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker

The form of redhot pokers invites you to consider planting other plants around them for a contrasting effect with their brightly-colored flowers. Of the numerous varieties available, the “Pineapple Popsicle” has proven to be the one to go for.

12. Dalmatian Bellflowers

Dalmatian Bellflowers

No-one likes a quitter, and the dalmatian bellflower appears to be acutely aware of that fact. It doesn’t ever seem to stop blooming, and it also has a beautiful star shape, making it the perfect addition to your garden.

Content and image source: The Spruce