10 Remedies to prevent dry lips

When it comes to temperature changes and the seasons, what part of our body is the first to suffer the consequences? If your response was the lips you are absolutely right. Our lips are always exposed to climate change is something that goes beyond lack of care or neglect.

We go from the beginning, just as the air begins to lose its moisture, our skin follows the same path, unfortunately. That is why you should always have alternative methods to maintain humidity. If you’re tired of getting your lips parched and those horrible curls. Check out our tip with 10 remedies to keep your lips from drying out.

10 Remedies to prevent dry lips

1 Lip balm


Before washing your face apply a moisturising lip balm over your lips. Your gel or facial soap may be causing dryness due to the presence of ingredients like salicylic acid, which disturb the pH balance in the skin.

2 Almond oil


Another one that saves the motherland during the winter is almond oil, apply every night before bed, it contains high doses of vitamin A and E.

3 Use an air humidifier


For those who have at home, you can use the evening, helps to keep your lips and all your skin moist.

4 Cucumber


If your lips are very beaten, with thin cuts and ache, how about putting a cucumber carrot and letting it act for about 10 minutes, it is not just for the eye area.

5 Exfoliation


Exfoliate your lips (except those that are beaten as above). A well-known mixer can help you, a paste of sugar and honey and exfoliate your mouth with it, always delicately, without forcing your hand, do not forget.

6 Do not do too much!


Avoid harmful habits such as licking lips. You may even find that this is damaging your lips, but it’s the opposite, doing so is only drying it out even more.

7 Lipstick with sunscreen


And do not think that it is only during the winter that the lips suffer in the heat as well, so it is good to always leave in the bag or close by a lipstick that moistens and protects the skin of your lips from possible burns.

8 Matte Tones


The lipstick in matte tones is not a good choice for dry lips all cry. If you love matte lipsticks just like me and can not stop using this trend, you can apply a lip balm and wait a few minutes and apply your matte lipstick normally.

9 Shea Butter


Before buying a lip balm read its ingredients: shea butter, vitamin E, macadamia nuts, beeswax. Of course, you do not have to have all these ingredients, but if you have 2 or more you can buy without fear.

10 Drink water


Drinking water, always and all the time, hydration from the inside helps us fight the dryness on the lips.

The dry and batted lips do not have to be a headache. If you put these simple tips into practice, you will see how climate change is no longer a problem.

So, what did you think of the tips, which others would put on the list comment!


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